2018 Field Fellow Program

IDYD is bringing back the Field Fellow program for 2018! This program was started in 2016, where two Field Fellows were hired in battleground Legislative Districts 5 and 15. The Fellows worked under the Idaho Democratic Party field organizer to recruit and retain volunteers to knock doors, make phone calls, and work to elect Democrats. 

For 2018, we are wanting to expand this program, by hiring FOUR Field Fellows in four different Legislative Districts. These Fellows will again work under the Idaho Democratic Party’s field organizer. Our Field Fellows will be the difference in elections in 2018.

2016 results:

  • Two field fellows, two months each
  • 81 hours canvassing
  • 29 volunteer shifts
  • 4085 doors knocked and phones called
  • 658 conversations with voters

2018 goals:

  • FOUR field fellows, FIVE months each
  • 4512 hours canvassing
  • 1508 volunteer shifts
  • 82880 doors knocked and phones called
  • 18655 conversations with voters

Our program will rely on donations. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO GET DEMS ELECTED IN NOVEMBER.