Carter Jones: Young Dem of the Week

Carter Jones: Young Dem of the Week

January 29, 2018

Each week, we nominate a Young Dem in Idaho for our weekly spotlight. Our goal is to increase involvement and highlight the hard work of amazing Young Dems in our state. To nominate someone for Young Dem of the Week, please email us at

Our Young Dem of the Week for the week of January 29, 2018, is Idaho Young Democrats Events Coordinator Carter Jones. Carter is an 18 year old born and raised in the Boise area. He graduated from Timberline High School and is studying at Boise State with a major in political science and a minor in economics. In his free time, Carter coaches tennis at Timberline High School. “Extending the sport I love to Idaho students is a great passion of mine,” says Carter.

Question 1: What made you want to get involved in politics? What was your first political experience like?
Carter: I was eight/nine years old during the 2008 election. During the primaries, I lived in polarized house with my mom supporting Clinton, and my dad supporting Obama. Dinner debates ensued. I supported Obama, and continued supporting him through the general election. I remember late nights watching the forums and debates, but my favorite memory is from election night: my mom and sister were long asleep, and it was just my father and I watching the TV. Not wanting to count all my eggs, I waited to celebrate until Oregon, Washington, and California came in and he had officially been elected. My little mind was blown; it was an amazing feeling to know that America would be released from the clutches of the Republican Party and that Obama, a brilliant man, would take office. I was hooked. I held strong opinions from that point forth and slowly started getting involved with politics in any way I could. Having the opportunity to represent Young Democrats in Idaho is an honor and a dream.

Question 2: What is one thing you were surprised to learn when you first got involved?
Carter: I was surprised to discover so many young people that shared my ideology and love for activism. Knowing that there was a place that my voice would be heard and that I could affect change was not only surprising, but also hugely exciting!

Question 3: Who is/was your greatest political inspiration? Why?
Carter: My greatest political inspiration at this moment is Hillary Clinton. She has faced so much adversity in her career, but in the end has stood strong. For a woman to be successful in politics, she must work twice as hard, and have a far better intellect. Hillary Clinton has cracked the glass ceiling and inspired a whole generation of women along with progressives everywhere. Hillary, believe it or not, is a normal human like you and I. She proves that hard work and a little luck can move mountains. You and I can move mountains.

Question 4: What words of wisdom would you give to young people?
Carter: It’s hard to give words of wisdom to young people when I am young as well. But all I can say is believe you can make a difference. Political efficacy amongst our generation is at a depressingly low level. If you believe that your voice and vote matter, and extend that mentality to those around you, there is no saying how far your voice can go. Millennial voting was disappointing in 2016. Let’s change that in 2018.

Question 5: What issues are you most passionate about?
Carter: I’m passionate about so many things. One in particular is DACA. I believe in justice and equality for all people regardless of their country of origin. DACA recipients are young people who have been raised in America and belong here just as much as I do. Along with that I am passionate about education. Idaho has teachers that care and do amazing things with the limited resources they are given. Imagine if Idaho valued our schools. Along those lines, I care most about creating an Idaho that benefits all people from all areas of the globe and all backgrounds.

Question 6: What would you like to see happen in Idaho politics this year?
Carter: We have a current political environment that could lead to the election of many Democratic legislators, and to the adaption of progressive policies, even in the deep red state of Idaho. All I see for the Idaho Democratic Party is opportunity. We have qualified candidates that care, excitement like no time before, and the desire to succeed. 2018 is the year of progress, 2018 is the year that we grab hold of offices all across Idaho, and all across America.

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