Idaho Young Democrats Elect New Board Members

Idaho Young Democrats Elect New Board Members

January 6, 2018

On January 4, the Idaho Young Democrats elected seven new board members to vacant positions. This election fills all of IDYD’s vacant board positions. The new 12-member board is ready to take action and get to work.

President Matt Kilburn, himself recently elected in September, released the following statement: “I am so excited to have this new board for IDYD! [The members on our board] are some of Idaho’s finest and their energy and drive to help get more young Dems active in local politics inspires me. I am excited to have support of those not only In the organization, but young at heart as well (all ages). 2018 is going to be great. Young people get stuff done and I believe IDYD is in the absolute best shape it’s ever been in to reach out to young Dems and young people in marginalized groups as well to grow our base and START SHOWING UP FOR ALL IDAHOANS who want to see a change.”

After his election, President Kilburn outlined his plans for 2018 in an open letter to all Democrats, which can be found here.

“It’s an honor to be elected to this board at such a critical moment in Idaho politics,” said newly elected Vice President Henry Shafer-Coffey, “The young people of Idaho have incredible untapped potential to make change in our great state, and we will work hard to empower them.”

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