Idaho Young Democrats Have Open Board Positions

Idaho Young Democrats Have Open Board Positions

Under 37 and interested in getting involved with the Idaho Young Democrats? Please consider running for one of the following open positions:

Field Director
– Provide strategic direction for short- and long-term campaigns on local and state issues.
– Develop and supervise a team of 4-6 campaign organizers across multiple chapters.
– Network with Local, State, and National groups that are organizing around issues important to our community.
– Prepare and provide a specific yearly field plan for recommendation and adoption of the executive leadership.

Development Director
– Prepare and execute outreach plans to expand membership and retain old members

Events Coordinator
– Work with Executive Committee to organize successful events.
– In charge of all event logistics and personnel needed to staff and support events.
– Solicit potential sponsors and general supporters for the events.
– Work with media outlets to publicize the event; work with the IDYD Communications Director to publicize events within the IDYD internal and external network.

– Financial officer of the organization.
– Prepare, all financial records for audit.
– Responsible for fundraising (along with the President).
– Jointly responsible of the organization’s bank account along with the President and the appointed Generational Ally Financial Adviser.

– Responsible for enforcing Bylaws
– Responsible for keeping order at all meetings
– Responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and the Constitution are in compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Young Democrats of America.

National Committeeman
– Represent the Idaho Young Democrats to national meetings of the Young Democrats of America and to other meetings where applicable.

Vice President
– Assume the duties of the President during his/her/hir absence.
– Responsible for writing the Bylaws with the Bylaw committee of this organization and for presenting them for approval to the total voting membership, and enforcing such Bylaws.
– Assist in planning and running meetings, and taking minutes for meetings.
– Keep a just and accurate record of all members present and of all votes taken.
– Support overall organizational development and implementation of the strategic plan (including playing a supportive role in fundraising efforts).

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