Looking ahead to 2015

Looking ahead to 2015

Since Election Day, IDYD has been busy planning for the year ahead. New members were recently appointed to our board and we held a very successful strategy planning session to outline our new mission and goals for the future. Over the last two years, IDYD leaders have built a great foundation, one that we can now continue to grow and thrive on. Looking ahead to 2015, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get back to work!

Meet the new IDYD board

The post-election period brought new and returning members to the Idaho Young Democrats working board. Our team engaged in an intense one month vetting process to produce the most qualified candidates to fill key positions. Each person on the executive board serves a two-year term and carries with them a variety of responsibilities that help fulfill the mission set forth by IDYD members. The current board will serve in their appointed or elected positions until March 2016.

The new members who were appointed and confirmed to the board are Marabie Barck (National Committee Representative 1), Cameron McCown (National Committee Representative 2), Robin Lee (Communications Director), and Morgan Miller (Parliamentarian). Two board members were reinstated to positions they previously held; Morgan Hill (President) and Alysha Prisbrey (Events Coordinator). Kylie Reagan (Vice President), Jennifer Martinez (Treasurer), and Tom Hamilton (Field Director) will continue to fulfill their 2 year elected terms.


2015 Strategy Planning Session

Story by Dean Ferguson – Idaho Young Dems: Involving Young Idahoans: The group met to revamp their mission statement, evaluate goals and set objectives going into the future. These young leaders, who are 36-years-old and under, seek to empower young Idahoans to make a difference through involvement in Democratic politics.

Discussion involved a no-holds-barred Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats analysis (S.W.O.T.). The group is focused on expanding the organization and doing more to build Idaho’s Democratic influence. They are working to make sure that young Idahoans stop being in Idaho’s GOP-dominated landscape.

IDYD President Morgan Hill, Jr., noted that the Young Democrats of America is excited that a young Democrat was elected to Idaho’s Legislature this year, Rep. Paulette Jordan (D-Plummer). The feat is a rare one for 2014 as Idaho is one of only two states to gain Democratic seats in the Legislature.

Thanks to these leaders for volunteering their time, energy and creativity toward making Idaho better!


What's Next?

Heading into the next legislative session, we will be heavily engaged in promoting democratic values as well as engaging in conversations about important issues facing young Idahoans. We will continue to foster local chapters in Boise, Caldwell and Moscow that are chartered through IDYD.  We have our sights set on rebuilding a young Democratic presence in the Magic Valley and Eastern Idaho. We will also be present at more public events statewide to promote issue awareness, education and advocacy for aspiring young political leaders. We will continue to play a crucial role at the national level with the Young Democrats of America, as we prepare for the YDA 2015 National Convention in August. 

We thank you for your continued support!