Looking ahead to 2015

Looking ahead to 2015

Since Election Day, IDYD has been busy planning for the year ahead. New members were recently appointed to our board and we held a very successful strategy planning session to outline our new mission and goals for the future. Over the last two years, IDYD leaders have built a great foundation, one that we can now continue to grow and…

Net Neutrality, Why Is It Important?

By: Morgan Hill | IDYD, President The FCC is close to making a decision that could impose new regulations allowing Internet Service Providers (ISP) to build more fast lanes and have the power to impose paid prioritization over online content. If you engage in large multimedia streaming, play online games, conduct e-commerce, maybe you do a lot of bandwidth-heavy work on…

Idaho now has #MarriageEquality

Judge Stephen Reinhardt, writing for the unanimous panel, applied additional scrutiny to the claimed sexual orientation discrimination the same-sex couples in the two states faced by the bans. The 9th Circuit heald earlier this year that such additional scrutiny — heightened scrutiny — applies to sexual orientation claims under equal protection.